Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hey Buddy,

How are you doing? Hope all is well with you. Not a second goes by when you're not on my heart and mind.

2 more days until Meghan Fo.... I mean the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie!!!! You gonna go see it. Even if you're not much into TMNT anymore, the graphics and computer work looks amazing. That stuff gets better and better with all movies and shows and games.

The CGI is one reason I enjoyed watching all of the movies we'd go to. One of my favorites is Avatar with the giant blue people and planet. Amazing how life like they all seemed. There are 2 more sequels coming sometime, although it's going to had to beat that first one.

Then there's our favorite movies, Star Wars!!! The 3D theater release versions of all films have been put on hold because of the new SW VII that's being filmed. I look forward to SW RotS in 3D, it'll be good for us go see in the theater, like we saw the originals in the theaters.

Did you ever watch the whole 80hr extras on the BluRay box set we got? Or were they sold or taken/given away too? I was hoping to see them all with you when we got them, we started watching all of them, but got interrupted. But we'll be able to see them again. Can't ever get enough Star Wars.

Do you get to the movies much anymore? How far is the theater near you? Anyone work there that you know, so you can get free tickets?

Have you heard of the Batman/Dark Knight releases that have come out recently? There's a Lego Batman movie, Batman:Assault on Arkham, Son of Batman, The Dark Knight Returns pt1 & 2. These are all cartoon based, but still good stories. The DKR pt1&2 are based on the Frank Miller stories where Batman and Superman fight. Sort of like the New Batman v Superman movie being filmed. Check them out, I have and we can watch them if you don't see them before then.

Take care son, and don't ever let anyone make you believe anything contrary to what you know to be true in your heart. You know and recognize the nonsense, and what you lived the first 12 years of your life, compared to the last 2 that someone tried to have you change everything you every knew.

Keep checking back every day, I have a bunch of good info for you coming soon. Read and re-read what I write, and evaluate everything anyone has said the past couple years.

I love you always,

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey Son,

How was your weekend? Did you get to go anywhere? Any place fun, or stuck around the house yet again?

Football has begun!!! Did you watch the game last night? The Giants vs The Bills? The Giants won just in case you didn't see it. It was OK, the real season starts in a month. And college the weekend before that.

Remember all of the Super Bowls we'd watch at the house? We always fell asleep before the end, but that's OK, because we got to watch them together. And those couple of years I won the pool from work!!!!

You still like the Giants, or who's your favorite team these days? I have both sides covered with the Jets and Giants. Not the Eagles or Cowboys though.

You still have your trophy from winning the Little League championship that year? That made me so proud when you got that, and each and every game you were able to hit in, or just even playing it was good to see you out there. You know who was the one who brought you to every practice, didn't miss any games, and was the only one there to see you get your trophy, right?

Did anyone sign you up for Soccer or Lacrosse like you wanted to do? How about Martial Arts like we talked about? What excuse is given as to why not? Just remember that's all it is, an excuse, NOT a reason.

There should be a lot of opportunities at the high school for sports, and they should be starting soon. Don't let anyone discourage you at all. Even with their little useless comments, which are designed to do nothing BUT discourage, even when they smile in your face, say they "love or care about you", or laugh at you or call you names, hurt you like they do. Just remember, none of their nonsense matters, because if they mattered, they wouldn't continue to do or HAVE DONE such things. And they remember what they did, because I caught them numerous times. Even as they read this they'll remember what they did, and you do too.

Remember to change your passwords, and NOT GIVE THEM TO ANYONE, no matter what excuse they give you. If they "make you" give them the passwords, create another account, and not give them that one, or even let them know you have it. None of the others has someone going into their accounts.

Anyway son, gonna end this for now and save more for later. You just remember I'll always be your father and you my son. No one will ever change that. And there's nothing you can ever do that will stop me from loving you.

I love you always,
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Hey Son,

How's everything today? Any excitement? Go anywhere special, or just kinda hang around town?

Wow... can't believe its August already, your Summer is half over. :( Well, at least another month to enjoy the time off and away.

I just had some buffalo chicken pizza from our favorite pizza place, also a slice of white pie. I haven't had your favorite kind yet, waiting on that for when I bring you next time. Had some of the meatlovers the other too, that was so full of meat and heavy. Only need one slice of that. Still added the crushed peppers and garlic, as you know I like them.

Have you been doing any cooking recently? I remember all the time you wanted to do some of the cooking... you're mac-N-Cheez was real good. Still doing that? I know you liked peas with them too, is that still one of your favorites?

I look forward to having some of your latest creations and food you enjoy cooking & eating. Anybody bring the grill there, or did anyone get a new one? You can create all kinds of good things there. MacNcheez grilled pizza, grilled marinated pears or pineapples, then put ice cream on them... YUM.

Still making Popcorn the you used to? Remember all of those endless bowls with the movies and our favorite TV shows we'd have? That Kettle Creations you suggested was real good when we used them. Do you get those at the store anymore? I remember we found out about them at the theater by ShopRite. The garlic/pepper and kettle corn flavors are my favorite. Haven't seen a movie there yet to see if they still use that or not. The place appears to have changed owners and doesn't have the same "good feel" to it, as when we used to go all of those times.

Remember that "Big Cats" movie we saw? I think it was either Disney or NatGeo. About the African lions and tigers. That was a good movie. Those types of movies and even when they're on TV are good and entertaining. Much better than 1/2-hr sitcoms.

I'll catch you later buddy.

I love you always,

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How are you doing son?

Good sleeping weather with these cool nights. Almost feels like Fall. There's that smell in the air too.

This weather reminds me of the many first days of school when we'd walk together there. And how when you were getting older, you'd want me to stay back by the trail, and not walk with you up to the school. I wasn't hurt, but felt very proud that you were getting older and more confident in yourself. And just the fact we walked together at least up through the trail, let me know that you still wanted me there.

There were all of those school trips I was a chaperon and driver on, all of your in school events (both during and after school), parent-teacher conferences for you I went to. If you remember those last few years when I worked at home I was able to attend ALL of those school functions. And at the end of the year during the awards ceremony, if you recall, they gave me a Perfect Attendance award for not missing any trips, school events, conferences, etc...

I was always there for you, always was and always will be. Others may try to convince you otherwise, but look back on those first 12 years and you know what was real and not, and contrast it to the last 2 years, you what was real and not.

Lots of sales in the stores already for Back to School stuff. that was always fun going getting your supplies and picking out backpacks and stuff. You still have to do that? You have a list of things you need to get? Get them early before they're all sold out, or you might get left with the bottom of the barrel.

Catch you later buddy. Email me: EMAIL

I love you always son,


Even in my failures I am more successful than some on their best days.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hey Damon,

Last weekend of July already. Man this Summer is going fast. I sure hope you're gonna get to go somewhere fun, just like we always used to do all of the time.

Rain is coming down at the moment, looks like it'll be like this all day. Not much outside stuff we can today in this rain.

You still playing Star Wars Battle Front 2? How about putting the other MODS and maps to them? That Beatles one you put on was one of the best. Them holding and shooting guitars, and the music in the background.

Have you taken any of the computer programming and modifications any further? I know no one has been there that has the ability & knowledge and skill to teach and work with you like I have done all that time, but you're intelligent and talented enough to take what I already taught you further. But if you're being intentionally deterred from any of it, that's not good or right no matter how you look at it.

Star Wars Battle Front 3 coming out!!!! Check these out, it's going to be amazing!!!:

I've always had the hopes you get into programming. With your creativity you would be able to make some amazing things, whether games, or music or just programs or apps.  It's a God given talent. I recognized it early on in you son, because I have the same gifts. No one ever taught me how to play instruments or programming or computer work, things were just made available to me, it all comes naturally, and I always had guidance and creativity around me. You have the same talents, they just need to be nurtured in a creative environment, not some stifling situation.

Don't let anyone stifle that creativity son. They'll do it in subtle ways, just to make you "feel" like you don't want to do those things, or even "think" what you like to think, and that it might be wrong, or that if you don't listen to them, you won't have their "approval" in some way.

You don't need "their approval" son, not at all. IF anyone is ever trying to make you win their approval at all, disregard them, and let it go in one ear and out the other. If they were really caring about you, there would be no need for such approval. Look at back on these past 2 years and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Catch you later buddy.

I love you always, and that will never change.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hey Damon,

How's everything today? Hope all is well and you're doing OK, considering things.

Today's a good day for a flea market. The one with the Amish store in it, you know the one. Lots of good stuff to see.

What are your plans for the weekend, anything exciting? It should be a good shore weekend.

Remember all of the vacation trips we went on? There was DC, 3 Summers ago? That was fun seeing the museums, monuments and other sites. There was that Jedi-Knight tour guide lady with her Light Saber on the bus & memorial tour we took. There are pictures from that trip on my computer also, you should be able to find them, all were in order by date. I know I took some of Granny Skywalker, send me some when you find them on there.

Also the Inner Harbor on the way back home from DC too, that was fun. All of those ships and sub we went onto. We went to that big seafood restaurant and then you needed use the bathroom and we had to find another because someone destroyed the one there. That was crazy, but I found you one.

Gonna go for now... more later.

I love you son.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey Damon,

What's new today? Any excitement? Doing anything fun?

Did you get some of those storms that blew through last night? Were you able to close the windows and use the A/C? If they won't allow the A/C to be on, especially in the mid to high 90's and lots of humidity, use a fan in the window, especially at night, and let it run to bring in the cool night air, and keep shades blocking the sun coming into your room.

Is Dunkin still around? If not, did you bury him out back where Wolfie is?

I remember when we went to pick Dunkin up from the pet store and set up his habitat. It was cool watching him eat the crickets and sneak around on them.

The pet store where we got him closed down. Not sure if you were still in the area when it did. We spent lots of time there getting your crickets, stuff for cats and dog. Also just looking at the birds, hamsters and rabbits they had. All those times just going there before or after Little League or just to go for a ride. Lots of good memories we made son. Keep them with you, don't let them go, regardless of the pressure to do otherwise.

Any pets now? Remember the fish tank that was setup in the house? They are a lot of work, and unless you can be dedicated, I'd recommend not getting one. Since you have to keep it clean, water balanced, drain and refill it, transfer the fish while emptying it. Do you remember all that work? They're good to look at, but save that for the aquariums and pet stores if you need to look.

Remember when we went to the Aquarium down the beach with your class? And we saw the baby penguins up close and walking up to you and around on the floor? There are pictures on my computer the one that was my main one. You know the one.

There was also the big Aquarium that I bought season membership passes for and we'd go to. That place was really cool. Lots of colorful fish and the huge shark tank as soon as we walk in. Although the penguins at the smaller place were much better. That was when you were really into Happy Feet and penguins. Which was all good stuff son. Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise.

Gonna go for now, more later. Keep checking back each day and know that you're in my heart and mind every second of every day. And there is only one "thing" stopping us from being reunited at the moment, and she'll all she can to prevent it.

But you have a choice and I will explain it at another time. It's as easy as you just saying and doing what you really want. No one can stop you, although they'll lie and try. Just remember when someone is trying so hard to make you feel a certain way which was contrary to what you know and feel. It's not right, and is not good for you. Especially when someone won't let you hear anything other than her one sided nonsense.

Take care son, and know that I love and miss you so much.

I love you always

This minor setback is just the setup for my comeback.